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Lacertidae Bonaparte, 1831 - Old World Runners

Missouri Lacertidae (Old World Runners)

Native Status

Lacertidae (Old World Runners) is not native to Missouri. Thus far, non-native reptiles in Missouri have only been found in urban areas and do not appear to constitute a threat to our native herpetofauna. This is not the case everywhere and non-native species that become invasive are considered by many biologists to be a major threat, second only to habitat loss, to our native species. Care should be taken to prevent the spread of this and all non-native species. Furthermore, it is illegal to release non-native species into the environment.

Linnaean Classification

Animalia - Animals
Chordata - Chordates
Vertebrata - Vertebrates
Reptilia Laurenti, 1768 - Reptiles
Squamata Oppel, 1811 - Lizards and Snakes
Lacertilia Oppel, 1811 - Lizards
Lacertidae Bonaparte, 1831 - Old World Runners

Recent Taxonomic Synonyms