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The ultimate source of most geographic data in the United States is the United States Geological Survey (USGS). USGS maintains the GNIS database which can be queried on-line.

Customized Missouri maps can be created at the Center for Agricultural, Resource, and Environmental Services (CARES) map room, National Geographic Maps, and Google Maps. Missouri spatial data can be downloaded gratis from the Missouri Spatial Data Information Service (MSDIS).

There are many sources of consumer-grade mapping products available, from dedicated GPS units, to smartphone applications, or simply the web. GRASS is professional-grade open-source GIS package. QGIS is a user-friendly GIS viewer that integrates tightly with PostGIS, a spatial extension for the open-source database PostgreSQL. Other gratis packages and data for GIS applications can be found at the FreeGIS site. Finally, GeoCommunity is an on-line community of GIS, CAD, GPS, and other mapping professionals.

Many links that were previously listed on the links page at the Missouri Herpetological Association site were moved here. In general, sites concerned with distribution or species accounts were moved here and those concerned with conservation, education, or other organizations were left there.


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